Everyone’s doing “wallets” these days. Here’s your chance to discover the one that will top them all. Join The Authenticity Alliance Charter Opportunity (TAACO) to become an early adopter of the TAACO Wallet and participate in its development! For starters, the TAACO Wallet™ will enable login ANYWHERE with your PrivacyPEN®. (Unlike a stealable master password, your PrivacyPENs® never leave your device – there’s no master password to steal!)

The TAACO Wallet™ embodies the essence of Authenticity™ – Rock-solid security for your identity, your personal information, and your communications. (Have you heard of Its ability to secure identities has never been leveraged like this to extend to all kinds of interactions and information.)

Help us bring REAL privacy and REAL security to the world’s information infrastructure by joining TAACO – The Authenticity Alliance Charter Opportunity. As a charter member, you will not only be among the first to enjoy the TAACO Wallet’s features as they are developed, but you will contribute to its ongoing development by adding your voice – and your feedback – to the spreading awareness and support of this exciting movement.

Who owns the digital you?

Who owns the digital you?

Some Silicon Valley venture capitalist?

Just as you own the government of the city where you live and participate in its governance, you can own and participate in a growing source of governance of the world’s information infrastructure – the City of Osmio.

Don’t let Silicon Valley and the broadband and media industries own the digital you.

The TAACO Wallet

Your digital identity in the palm of your hand

Universal authentication credential

Log in ANYWHERE with no passwords. No more using universal credentials of the Silicon Valley data-snoopers.

Gatekeeper to your personal information

Your personal information is your intellectual property, licensed under NDA by you.

One or more PrivacyPENs®

Digitally sign with single, two-factor, or three-factor authentication for your various security needs.

Accountable Anonymity™

Multiple personas for your various activities, with or without anonymity.

Identity Quality™

Manage the reliability assessment of your credential (how sure that it actually represents YOU) to provide assurance to relying parties that you are who you have claimed to be.

Log inas myself

Two Formats

Physical Wallet

In phone case
Stuck on phone back

Software Wallet

Secure app on phone
Secure browser extension
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Imagine ...

              Something completely new

An identity credential that you own – and makes information about you

your personal intellectual property.


The Authenticity Alliance Charter
Opportunity   (TAACO)

We're Almost there!

HELP US FINISH THE DEVELOPMENT of the centerpiece of a new information infrastructure that will provide security, privacy, and convenience.

Who are we?

Who are we?

The Authenticity Alliance

The Authenticity Alliance is a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders who share the common mission of building the new environment of Authenticity™.

Work is underway right now on the foundational elements of the Authenticity Infrastructure – including the TAACO Wallet™, which embodies the essential elements of Authenticity.

We invite interested individuals to join us as early adopters, to promote understanding of Authenticity and to participate in the build-out of a new information infrastructure based on measurably reliable identities that provide privacy via accountable anonymity.

Definition of authenticity


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Social venues with real privacy

A residence in the under-construction online community Authenticity Village

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One PrivacyPEN® for digital signing
One PrivacyPEN® for authentication (logging in)
One PrivacyPEN® for digitally signing emails